Dr. Gerard can turn what's upside down into rebound!
Turning what's
upside down
into rebound
Resiliency is innate to every living thing …

Most people find life challenging at times.  To make the transition through those times as
smooth as possible, Dr. Michele Gerard blends techniques based on over 24 years of
training and experience to bring out the skills to survive trauma, stress, adversity and thrive!

Dr. Gerard’s practice strives to bring in all the resources needed to make it through
challenges at school, work, play and relationships.  In a warm, supportive environment in
which patients feel truly cared about, priorities for improving quality of life are put into

Goals are clear and outcomes are measured in increases of level of functioning in key
areas.  The focus is on solving problems and working things through using resources
already in place and by tapping into ones not yet discovered!

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Michele L. Gerard, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist &
Dr. Michele Gerard